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Transitions Hair Group

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Transitions Hair Group, a member of Transitions International Group has been operating from North Adelaide, South Australia since 1970’s. It provides hair replacement and hair restoration solutions for both men and women. Transitions Hair Group has about 500 affiliated studios in over 19 countries.


Hair replacement and hair restoration solutions are offered to people suffering from conditions like ‘Androgenetica Alopecia’ (thinning hair), ‘Alopecia Areata’ (hair loss in patches) and ‘Alopecia Totalis’ or ‘Alopecia Universalis’ (complete baldness).
For men, Transitions Hair Group offers three different solutions: Sensigraft, Laser Hair Retention Therapy, and Hair Transplants.
For women, Transitions Hair Group offers six different solutions: Laser Hair Rejuvenation, Microscopic Follicular Hair Transplants, Sensigraft, Mystique Hair Extensions, Wigs and Re-Allusions.
‘Sensigraft’ is a unique hair loss solution offered by the Transitions Hair Group that enables the client to fix their hair in the way he / she want in 48 hours. This is a non-invasive, non-surgical hair restoration and baldness treatment technique offered by them. In this process, a Transdermal graft is first unified onto the scalp. Individual hairs are then implanted into the graft at the same angle and density as the natural hair. This results in hair that looks and feels very natural.
They also specialize in creating an ‘age appropriate’ look with their treatments, including grey hair. The treatments are suitable for people who enjoy an active lifestyle. The restored hair is not affected by sweating or swimming.
Transition Hair Group offers free consultations which one can book through their website.

Contact Details;


116-120 Melbourne St.
Suite 10, Ground Floor
North Adelaide, S. Australia PC 5006
PH: 61-8-8239-2243
FX: 61-88-369-0301
Email: info@transitionshair.com.au
Web: www.transitionshair.com.au
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  1. Jacob Johnson says:

    hair restoration today produces good results specially with modern hair transplants.

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